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       The company now has nearly 1000 employees, excellent talent team is the company's continued development of a strong upward momentum. China Guangdong WorldCom is a platform that every colleague can display their talent on this platform, and realize their ambitions.

       We have a sound organizational structure, we have a sound welfare system, we work hard at the same time trying to live, we reverently listen to your voice. We provide not only a job, but also employees to achieve personal growth and success of the platform. Our team is young and full of passion, we look forward to good people with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity to join China Guangdong WorldCom, and we meet the opportunities and challenges together!



The company's personnel philosophy:


       People-oriented people-oriented emphasized that respect for human beings, attention to employees' demands and growth. Respect for human differences, with its director, optimize human resources, so that their talent, make the best use.

Respect for human capacity differences, different contributions people have different abilities remuneration, liability rights and interests, the relative contribution and reward, said the rights and interests of symmetrical responsibility.

       The amount of the employer applies to Germany first, Talented reuse, Youde no training before appointment, without virtue not and will not. Apply only the amount, because it can posts, the ability to determine positions and contribute to determine the value.

       The use of "capable, concerning" competitive mechanism to stimulate the staff's potential and initiative, so both ability and integrity, high-quality talent to the fore.

We are now facing the community to recruit the following positions: Click here for details

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